Monday, May 25, 2009

Back on Track

My university has been on strike for the past four months. And just when the sun decided to come visit ol'Paris again, our dear professors decided it was time for a cease fire with the government. So took the books off the shelf, blew the dust off them, and quietly started studying just like any reasonable person would do. Except halfway through the first page, my palms got sweaty, my heart started racing and just like my unreasonable little self, I got a taste of the tyical pre-exam stress. Finals are in two weeks and we have almost no material to prepare. Yay!
So as I am getting ready to burry myself in books for the next two weeks, I'm leaving you with a couple oldies. Cheers mates!

Wearing Zara black sweater, black sarouel shorts, Dim tights, RJL satin jacket and San Marina richelieus.

Oh and Bob always gets me going... amazing letter.

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