Monday, July 13, 2009

On men and style


Lately I've been incessantly eyeing men on the street. No... not like that, you dirty dirty minds!
I feel that stylish men are a lot more noticeable than equally stylish women: it's not because they are fewer nor is it because they are wearing flashier items. No, fashionable men stand out more because they are bold. In other words, women are expected to put effort in how they look and women actually enjoy the process of dressing up. Men on the other hand seem to be scared of fashion. Is it because they lack the confidence to experiment with style the way women do? Or is it because looking stylish as a man is setting yourself up to be ridiculed? You will have to give me your opinion on the matter.
Fortunatly enough, the issue of looking good does not seem to be difficult for some men. Fidel and Yann are the perfect examples of a bold man: they are brave enough to express their individualism through fashion, and man they do it well!

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