Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tofu and Chilli roll around Paris

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Dear people who visit my blog from time to time,

Most sincere appologies for not posting anything in a while. I do have an excuse though: my computer (his name is Hbiba -which means darling in arabic), has stoped working and consequently stoped being a darling...
To be honest, there is no excuse for my lack of involvement in this project that I was extremely passionate about in the beginning.
So why -you might ask- am I suddenly re-emerging?
I have recently spent a week with my (best) friend Zara who has been living in London for the past 8 months...
I just realised that I should probably explain the story behind the name of this blog for my story to make sence.
Zara is half Asian, that's why I call her Tofu... and I'm not Mexican at all... but somehow, Tofu calls me Chilli.
At the beginning, this blog was supposed to be a common project and we were both supposed to write posts, but unexpected things happen in life and I ended up doing the blogging thing on my own (Zara on the other hand has an amazing food blog that you should all go see).
So to make a long story short, seeing Tofu made me nostalgic of that time where I'd go out with my camera, looking for style.
I cannot promise very frequent posts (because Hbiba is still in the ER) but I will try my best.
Please try to comment, so that I know that I'm not just talking to myself!

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Fashion Fetish said...

Glad you're back miss! DON'T leave us again ;)